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Once known for its fertile lands and lush agriculture, Iraq is facing an impending climate crisis as drought, incessant sand storms and scorching heat, compounded by a failing government, promise a difficult summer.
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Analysis: Hezbollah’s electoral power has diminished nationally but the group's influence remains entrenched in every aspect of the Lebanese system.
Analysis - Shireen Abu Akleh
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In-depth: The decision not to investigate the Palestinian journalist's killing reflects a culture of impunity for the systemic violence required to maintain Israel's military occupation.
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Analysis: While US sanctions relief in northern Syria could improve humanitarian conditions, it could also harden the de facto state of partition in the country.
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In-depth: Shocking video evidence of the Tadamon massacre reinforces the need for accountability for war crimes in Syria, but it has been met with silence by the international community.
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Analysis: The resumption of commercial flights is a milestone in Yemen's peace process, but its sustainability is hard to predict amid divisions between the country's rival powers.