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Analysis: The road ahead of the incoming government is fraught with challenges.
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Analysis: The resumption of commercial flights is a milestone in Yemen's peace process, but its sustainability is hard to predict amid divisions between the country's rival powers.
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In the West Midlands, weapons maker Elbit Systems UK is countering efforts led by Palestine Action to expose its purported links to Israeli state violence in the Palestinian territories through leafleting and local WhatsApp groups.
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In-depth: As Palestinians around the world mark 74 years since the Nakba, residents in Masafer Yatta are fighting to stop one of the largest Israeli displacements in decades.
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Analysis: With Russia fighting a war in Ukraine that may not end for a long time, Tehran stands to gain from Moscow reconfiguring its role in Syria.
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Analysis: The killing of the veteran Palestinian journalist has prompted a flood of disinformation and propaganda from the Israeli state in order to whitewash the violence of military occupation.