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The Islamic State group will be back after Baghouz

05 March, 2019

Comment: Any focus on victory over IS ignores the immense work ahead, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

It's make or break for Erdogan vs Turkey's opposition

18 June, 2018

Comment: No matter who is the victor, they will have to contend with the half, who will be bitter at any electoral defeat, writes Bashdar Ismaeel

Unease brews as Iraqi Kurds brace for crucial election

28 September, 2018

Comment: A year after the independence referendum, Iraq's Kurds will need to show unity in order to cement their leverage in Baghdad, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

Istanbul election rerun sends wake-up call to Erdogan's AKP

26 June, 2019

Comment: The AKP's loss in Istanbul will serve as a warning for the party, but with the right response, they can address the opposition's concerns, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

Time for a peace initiative between Turkey and PKK

22 August, 2019

Comment: If the Kurds in northern Syria and Turkey want real stability on both sides of the border, they must explore opportunities for a permanent peace agreement, argues Bashdar Ismaeel

It's time for Iraqi politicians to finally deliver

07 November, 2018

Comment: The time has come for Iraq's politicians to prove they can overcome foreign meddling, sectarianism and corruption, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

America's speedy exit could hand Afghanistan to Taliban

27 December, 2018

Comment: Afghanistan finds itself in a precarious political and security position, with the resurgent Taliban a persistent thorn on the side of the Afghan government, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

Dominance of militias may haunt Baghdad

02 November, 2017

Comment: Iraq remains at the mercy of sectarianism and violence, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

After years of suffering, Iraqis refuse to be silenced

08 October, 2019

Comment: With anti-government protests spreading through the streets of Iraq, Abdul Mahdi's mandate may be over before it's really begun, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

Iranians endure biting sanctions and a brutal crackdown

27 November, 2019

Comment: The real losers of the US sanctions are ordinary Iranian people, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

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