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Obama's drone war: Ten times more strikes than Bush

17 January, 2017

Investigation: Obama may have won the Nobel peace prize, but escalated the drone warfare programme to unprecedented levels, reports Jessica Purkis and Jack Searle.

Iraq 'black ops' executive hired for anti-Qatar attack

27 April, 2018

Investigation: A veteran of Pentagon propaganda operations was hired by a Dubai-based company to create a film accusing Qatar of links to terrorism, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism reveals.

Revealed: Nine children killed in botched US Yemen raid

09 February, 2017

Investigation: The full scale of Donald Trump's disastrous first military action have been revealed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

This year's Palestine Cinema Days tackles women's rights

20 October, 2019

This year's Palestine Cinema Days didn't just focus on Palestine's budding film industry, but also gave a platform to women's empowerment.

This activist asked Twitter about experiences of racism

28 July, 2017

People began to discuss instances in which they were jokingly referred to as terrorists, orientalised, fetishised and had their ethnic background mocked or dismissed based on the way they looked.

US newspapers carry 'American Hijabi' protest ads

21 January, 2017

News publications across the US protested against Donald Trump on his inauguration day on Friday, by plastering an anti-hate poster of a Muslim female wearing a headscarf.

Record-breaking number of women running for Lebanon's parliamentary elections

07 March, 2018

A total number of 976 candidates registered Lebanon's Spring parliamentary elections this year, including a record-breaking 111 women.

Palm Springs cultivates taste for Middle East cinema

26 January, 2018

The international film festival featured dozens of films from the Middle East and North Africa, as the appetite grows for cinema from the region, reports Hadani Ditmars

Britain's greatest athlete - a Muslim called Mohamed

12 October, 2017

Mo Farah is arguably Britain's greatest ever athlete, but the country still has a way to go before it truly accepts and celebrates its diverse citizens, writes Jamil Hussein.

Syrians angered by '100 years of beauty' video

22 April, 2016

A video showing a century of fashion in Syria, has angered Syrians, and an effort they say would make Assad's own propagandists proud.

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