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Iraq discovers another mass grave near Tikrit

03 April, 2018

Iraqi authorities have uncovered a mass grave containing the bodies of 158 people believed to have been killed by the Islamic State group.

Over 100 bodies found at mass grave in Libya

14 October, 2018

Dozens more bodies were uncovered at a mass grave near Libya's Sirte after 75 bodies were initially discovered earlier this week.

Syria regime discovers mass grave near Damascus

17 February, 2020

A mass grave was discovered near Eastern Ghouta's main town of Douma, an area formerly controlled by rebel group Jaish Al-Islam.

IS mass grave uncovered in Syria's Raqqa

22 April, 2018

A mass grave containing dozens, possible hundreds of bodies has been uncovered in the Syrian city of Raqqa, where IS ruled for more than three years.

Iraqi forces uncover new mass grave near Mosul

18 November, 2016

Iraqi forces have uncovered a new mass grave containing the remains of victims of the Islamic State group in territory recaptured from the jihadists near Mosul.

Mass grave of IS victims uncovered in Iraq

26 January, 2018

A mass grave thought to contain bodies of civilians and security forces has been discovered near Hawija in northern Iraq, one of IS' last strongholds in the country

Mass grave of IS victims discovered in Iraq's Ramadi

27 January, 2016

A mass grave has been found in Iraq's Ramadi less than a month after it was retaken, as militants launched an assault on a military base north of the city.

At least 40 bodies found in Palmyra mass grave

02 April, 2016

Syrian forces have discovered a mass grave in the ancient city just days after driving out the Islamic State group.

'Huge' mass grave found in former IS capital Raqqa

23 June, 2020

The total number of civilians killed by the Islamic State group is not known, but regional authorities have found a number of mass graves since the area was liberated.

Iraq urged not to 'hurry' mass grave exhumations

22 March, 2017

Human Rights Watch have urged Iraqi authorities not to carry out hurried or ad hoc exhumations of mass graves left by IS militants, as this makes identifying victims more difficult.

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