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About a War: Motives and trauma from Lebanon's war

30 November, 2018

Film review: 'About a War' explores complex personal motivations behind ex-fighters' decisions to take up arms - and what happens when they try to come to terms with killing.

Syrian doctor coins new term for children's extreme war-trauma

25 February, 2017

Syrian children who survived the devastating ongoing crisis are suffering from post-traumatic stress. But their experience is more than the physical and emotional trauma that medical professions

The civil war within a civil war in Yemen

22 August, 2019

Comment: The situation in the port city of Aden threatens to push Yemen into a civil war within a civil war, writes International Crisis Group.

From intervention to regional war

07 April, 2015

Comment: Iran and Saudi Arabia have intervened in a number of conflicts as they seek to extend their interests. The conditions are there for a regional war, says Salameh Kaileh.

A generation of Syrian children 'lost to trauma'

07 March, 2017

Air raids and shelling have left Syrian children in a state of terror, as Save the Children release a harrowing and heartbreaking report on the state of Syria's youngest citizens.

UNICEF: All of Aleppo's children suffering trauma

11 December, 2016

All children in Syria's battered city of Aleppo are suffering from trauma after enduring some of the worst violence in their country's war, the UN children's agency said on Sunday.

Hodeida: From hell of war to displacement camps

10 July, 2018

Comment: The glimmer of hope may come to light too late for the people of Hodeda, writes a Yemeni journalist.

A leap of faith through war: Aden's freerunners

15 March, 2016

Years of instability and twelve months of war have destroyed Yemen's infrastructure and morale. But a group of boys from Aden have bounced back, stronger than ever.

Fleeing far from that accursed war

15 March, 2015

First person: Syrian refugees are putting their lives in the hands of people-smugglers as they try to escape their war-torn country. Here is one young man's story.

Searching for a solution to Syria's war

15 May, 2015

Comment: Syria's four-year was will continue unless the international power use their influence to bring about a lasting and dignified peace for the Syrian people, says Sophia Akram.

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