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Tweeting torture in Arabic

14 December, 2014

The admission of US complicity in torture shocked many in the Arab world, but the report is itself an example of democracy in action.

Torture in Morocco 'endemic'

19 May, 2015

Psychological and sexual violence are among an array of torture techniques used by Moroccan security forces, said rights group, Amnesty International on Tuesday.

Bahrain's torture-tainted courts

12 July, 2020

Comment: Disregarding credible evidence of torture, and laws against forced confession shows the criminal malfeasance of Bahrain's justice system, writes Human Rights Watch's Joe Stork.

Torture in Egyptian police stations 'remains rampant'

17 March, 2015

Blog: Cairo's Matariya police station has been singled out as a hotspot of torture, as civilians continue to be maimed and killed.

Torture and the treason of intellectuals

22 December, 2014

A CIA report on torture was just the tip of the iceberg. That tools employed by dictators is widely accepted among the US political class coincides with continued imperialist notions of civilization

UN sends torture expert to Turkey

28 November, 2016

For the first time in nearly 20 years, a UN expert on torture will investigate possible cases of abuse in Turkish prisons, following mass arrests since July's coup attempt.

US looks to Israel to justify torture

23 December, 2014

When the CIA looked for legal cover for its post-9/11 torture programme, it is little surprise it looked to Israel. Washington's ally has its own Guantanamo, Camp 1391, which the Israeli Supreme

UN warns torture 'widespread' in post-coup Turkey

03 December, 2016

Torture and abuse have become 'widespread' in Turkey following July's failed putsche, UN special rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer said on Friday.

Victims tell of 'systematic torture' in Lebanon's prisons

28 June, 2015

Analysis: Testimonies from victims show that torture is endemic in many prisons in Lebanon and exposing the deep flaws in the Lebanese justice system.

Former Libyan detainees allege 'torture' in the UAE

23 July, 2015

Blog: Libyan businessmen, previously imprisoned by the UAE, have issued a statement describing torture during their detention, and appealed to Emirati authorities to release other Libyan prisoners.

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