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Morocco makes face masks obligatory to fight coronavirus

07 April, 2020

Morocco has become the latest country to make it compulsory for people to wear face masks in public, in an effort to curb the spread of Covid-19

Two teenage girls in Morocco 'caught kissing' face jail

04 November, 2016

Fresh calls have been made for Morocco to abolish its anti-homosexuality laws as two girls face being jailed after being caught 'hugging and kissing'.

British men caught smuggling 100,000 masks out of Morocco

06 March, 2020

In one incident, a lorry driver attempted to smuggle 77,000 face masks, before customs officials discovered the items in a cargo port east of Tangier.

Islamists, liberals prepare to face off in Morocco polls

24 September, 2016

Campaigning began in Morocco on Saturday for parliamentary polls that pit a modernist opposition against Islamists rocked by scandals after five years in government.

Sixteen Moroccan companies export face masks to Europe

22 May, 2020

Moroccan companies are providing face masks to countries in Europe, as Covid-19 lockdown eases in some countries

Syrian refugees 'stuck between Morocco and Algeria'

24 May, 2017

A group of around 50 Syrian refugees trapped between Morocco and Algeria face a "catastrophic situation" with women and children among those stranded.

Morocco: Former Guantanamo inmate charged with 'endangering state security'

24 February, 2016

Video: A former prisoner of the infamous detention camp will stand trial in Morocco as President Obama makes a renewed effort to shut Gitmo down.

Morocco and Iran rekindle relationship

06 January, 2015

Rabat and Tehran have signalled a warming of diplomatic relations, five years after Morocco accused Iran of spreading its brand of Shia Islam within the kingdom.

The most 'dangerous' books in Morocco

12 January, 2015

Books on the king, the army and religion have been banned in Morocco over the last 40 years.

Qatar says will jail violators of face mask ban

14 May, 2020

Qatar's cabinet said those who violate its face mask regulations could face jail time or fines of $55,000, after the country registered a record number of coronavirus cases on Thursday.

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