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Morocco's first spy satellite fuels regional rivalry

30 January, 2018

Blog: Impoverished citizenries are paying the price as each country races to the stars, writes Habibulah Lamin.

Morocco to become space power with first-ever spy satellite

25 October, 2017

Morocco will become a space power in the coming weeks with the launch of the kingdom's first ever spy satellite which experts say could increase tensions with Algeria and Spain.

Chinese rocket launches with first Algerian satellite on board

11 December, 2017

Alcomsat-1, Algeria's first telecommunications satellite, was successfully launched on board a Chinese rocket on Sunday night.

China helps Sudan launch its first ever satellite

06 November, 2019

Sudan has been hit by protests and economic hardship this year.

Israel shows concern over satellite system weaknesses

14 September, 2016

Israel's most recent satellite, the Ofek 11, launched into space successfully but suffered system failures, following the Amos-6 satellite explosion earlier this month.

Live coverage: First US presidential debate kicks off [Concluded]

27 September, 2016

The first of three US presidential debates has started in Hofstra University, New York. Follow The New Arab's live-wire coverage of key points of the debate

Iran to launch observation satellite in 'coming days'

01 February, 2020

Iran's space programme says its new imaging satellite is to promote the "peaceful use of outer space", despite concerns from some western countries.

UAE spy satellite crashes to earth during failed launch

11 July, 2019

The UAE's has made its space mission a major pillar of the government's mission.

From intervention to regional war

07 April, 2015

Comment: Iran and Saudi Arabia have intervened in a number of conflicts as they seek to extend their interests. The conditions are there for a regional war, says Salameh Kaileh.

Israeli 'spy vulture' captured by Lebanese townsfolk

28 January, 2016

And no, 'spy vulture' isn't the codename of the latest high-tech drone aircraft...

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