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Russia wants to keep contracts signed by Libya's Gaddafi

04 August, 2017

A leading Russian diplomat gave an illuminating interview on Friday, commenting on his country's policies over Libya.

UK warns Russia to 'keep its paws off' Libya

18 February, 2017

UK Foreign Minister Michael Fallon has told Russia to keep its 'hands off' Libya, amid Moscow's growing influence in the war-torn North African state.

Russia agrees to keep 'Iran, Hizballah from Israeli border'

18 October, 2017

Russia has agreed to expand a buffer zone along the Israeli-Syrian border where Iranian and Hizballah forces will not be allowed to enter, Israeli officials have said.

Russia 'embarrassed' by Syrian regime decision to quit talks

04 December, 2017

Russia is reportedly angered by a decision by Bashar al-Assad's government to suspend its participation in talks with the Syrian opposition.

Syrian Kurds promised by Russia to attend Sochi

28 December, 2017

Syrian Kurds will be represented at the peace talks in a promise given by Russia

Turkey hopes to keep toe-hold in Syria

09 January, 2017

In-depth: Russia is betting on Turkey to convince rebels to agree to its 'ceasefire', while Ankara wants to dispel Kurdish aspirations of a state in Syria, writes Paul Iddon.

Russia to reduce Syria presence by year's end: military

24 November, 2017

Russia's military plans to scale back its involvement in Syria by the end of the year, the General Staff chief said, having backed Assad's forces since September 2015.

Iran refuses to comment whether hit by Russia missiles

09 October, 2015

Iran on Friday refused to confirm or deny a claim by a US official that Russian missiles targeting rebels in Syria crashed in its territory this week.

Russia ready to mediate talks between Armenia, Azerbaijan

17 July, 2020

Russia wants to mediate between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Riyadh to award contracts for its first-ever nuclear reactors

11 October, 2017

Saudi Arabia says construction contracts for the kingdom's first-ever nuclear reactors will be signed by the end of 2018.

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