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Saudi media publish short film of army 'conquering Iran'

17 December, 2017

A leading pro-Riyadh newspaper has published a short 3D-animated film depicting the Saudi military invading Iran and conquering its regional arch-rival.

Syrian army short of food after Iran cuts supplies

27 July, 2019

Iran has cut off food supplies to the Syrian regime army as part of a general Iranian decrease in spending in Syria, meaning that soldiers don’t have enough to eat

Iran denies allegations of 'spying' on German army

20 January, 2019

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said the “enemies” were aiming to “sour relations” between Iran and Europe, dismissing German claims that an army employee was spying for Tehran.

Saudi Arabia halts supply of arms to Lebanese army

19 February, 2016

Saudi Arabia has stopped supplying arms to the Lebanese army in response to Hizbollah's activities in the region.

Iran warns Trump against 'illusion' of short war

27 June, 2019

Iran's foreign minister has warned Trump he was mistaken to think a war between their countries would be short, as Washington sought NATO's help to build an anti-Tehran coalition.

Iran film on 'evils of dancing online' sparks controversy

10 July, 2018

Social media users slammed Iranian state television for airing a film showing social media users being upbraided for allegedly promoting dance online.

Iran's army test fires short-range 'smart' missile

15 February, 2021

State media quoted the chief of the army's ground force as saying the "smart" missile is capable of operating under "any weather condition".

Saudi, US push for extension of Iran arms embargo

30 June, 2020

US and Saudi officials called for extending a UN arms embargo on Iran, warning of major implications for regional security, accusing Tehran of arming Yemeni rebels.

Saudi Arabia 'stockpiling oil' ahead of Iran sanctions

05 August, 2018

New US sanctions on Iran are set to kick-in this month, with Saudi Arabia appearing to stockpile oil ahead of expected shortages.

Iran 'spearhead of global terrorism', says Saudi King Salman

21 May, 2017

Saudi Arabia's King Salman used the host address at a Muslim-Arab-US summit to attack regional-rival Iran as an exporter of terrorism.

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