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Israel strikes briefly halt flights at Ben Gurion airport

17 December, 2017

Flights at Israel's Ben Gurion airport were temporarily suspended on Sunday as part of a strike organised by the powerful Histadrut union to protest mass layoffs by pharmaceutical giant Teva.

Jerusalemites show the Syrian revolution has not been forgotten

29 July, 2017

Jerusalemites are showing the world that the call for freedom will never be forgotten and the call for the fall of the Assad regime is not one to be invalidated.

Where are the cronies of Tunisia's Ben Ali today?

14 January, 2021

Ten years after the Tunisian revolution toppled Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, few of his relatives have faced justice.

Ben Ali, the 'strongman' whose weakness almost destroyed Tunisia

11 January, 2017

Tunisian dictator and career kleptocrat, Ben Ali fled his country with an economy and society in tatters. The New Arab remembers his legacy.

The untouchables: Yemen's Marginalised forgotten in the war

17 May, 2016

Yemen's most marginalised ethnic group, the Muhamasheen, have been hit particularly hard in Yemen's civil war as their neighbourhoods are pounded both by coalition airstrikes and Houthi shelling.

Gone but not forgotten: The fight for Syria's disappeared

15 October, 2020

As the war draws on in Syria, the fight to remember those missing becomes increasingly difficult. But Wafa Ali Mustafa remains determined to campaign for justice.

An intellectual who does not have the answer

20 March, 2015

Comment: The political, social and moral crisis in the Arab world seems to have left the region's thinkers confused and unclear on the path out of this morass, says Saadiah Mufarreh.

Lebanese missing, but not forgotten, in Syria

02 July, 2015

Feature: Hundreds of Lebanese citizens forcibly 'disappeared' during the Syrian occupation remain missing, but their loved ones are keeping hope alive.

Ben Carson says pyramids were grain silos not tombs

05 November, 2015

US Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson has stood by remarks he made in a 1998 speech that the Great Pyramids of Giza were built to store grain.

A year on since It's Not About The Burqa

21 February, 2020

Book Club: With Brexit and new heights of Islamophobia in the UK, The New Arab speaks to some of the contributors about what they have learnt since the book's release.

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