Hot stuff! The climate crisis in MENA

1 min read
05 November, 2021
The New Arab Voice is our bi-weekly podcast bringing you compelling stories from the Middle East, North Africa and beyond.

This week on The New Arab Voice, Rosie McCabe (@RosieMcCabe3) speaks with The New Arab's Amr Salahi (@Amr_Salahi) about recent events in Sudan, and whether the country can survive and return to civilian government.

And then, we explore climate change in the Middle East and North Africa, and ask what are the dangers that the region is facing, can Gulf countries end their reliance on oil, and how can climate change be mitigated while under occupation. 

And finally, Nick McAplin (@NickGMcAlpin) sits down with Palestinian activist Mohammed El-Kurd (@m7mdkurd), to discuss his new book of poetry, Rifqa.

Music from Maarten Schellekens and Ketsa.


This podcast is produced by Hugo Goodridge (@hugogoodridge). Music by Omar al-Fil (@elepheel). 

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