TNA Voice: Middle East at war with the coronavirus

Paranoia, conflict, and resilience: The Middle East at war with the coronavirus
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24 March, 2020
How do areas in conflict and dictatorial regimes react to the global pandemic endangering millions of lives?
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The fourth episode of our The New Arab Voice is out today.

In this episode we look at why the Egyptian government has threatened journalists after they suggested the real number of Coronavirus cases in the country may be far higher than those reported by the authorities.

Then, we analyse how countries hit by conflict in the region are at particular risk from the global pandemic, especially war-torn Syria and Yemen, and how they are dealing with the virus despite the odds.

But it’s not all bad news! In the last segment of our episode, we will look at how several countries in the region seem to be containing the outbreak of Covid-19 so far and flattening the curve of the epidemic’s spread.

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