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Karen Dabrowska

Karen Dabrowska

Karen Dabrowska is a London-based freelance journalist focusing on the Middle East and Islamic Affairs. She is also the author of ten books.

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In what is the UK's first major exhibition on Iranian civilisation in over 90 years, the Victoria and Albert Museum's 'Epic Iran' exhibition has been a resounding success in presenting the majesty of Iranian art and culture, and in dispelling myths.

05 August, 2021

With tragedy often striking the perilous journey to refuge, Algerian visual artist Rachid Koraichi has honoured the lost identities of unburied refugees in his 'Garden of Africa' - a poignant commemoration of our collective humanity.

21 June, 2021

In-depth: Yemen's most isolated province has largely been spared the horrors of war, but it now faces destabilisation due to a geopolitical struggle involving Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Oman.

21 April, 2021