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Sadek Hamid


Dr Sadek Hamid is an academic who has written widely about British Muslims. He is the author of 'Sufis, Salafis and Islamists: The Contested Ground of British Islamic Activism'.

Tracing the formation of the contemporary Middle East from its turbulent past, 'The Middle East Crisis Factory' is an invaluable text for readers wishing to understand why, from antiquity onwards, the Middle East matters.

25 August, 2021

Austria has, once again, legislated against its Muslim community, this time by publishing an exhaustive list of Muslim associations in the country. As right-wing and Islamophobic policies continue to be pursued, what lies ahead for Austria's Muslims?

13 July, 2021

Book Club: Professor Akbar Ahmed invites us to survey the ideas of some of the great Muslim, Christian and Jewish philosophers from a remarkable period of history. 

09 June, 2021

Hailed as a British Muslim inspiration, Sadek Hamid catches up with Afruz Miah, whose impressive fundraising challenges have rightly established him as one of Britain's most beloved endurance runners.

04 May, 2021

Book Club: Michael Kenney's The Islamic State in Britain: Radicalization and Resilience in an Activist Network uses a social science approach to explain why young Muslims become radicalised.

10 March, 2021

Book Club: In his new study, Hashas makes a major contribution to the debate about Muslim identities in Europe by surveying the thoughts of some leading thinkers.

09 February, 2021

Book Club: Jim Wolfreys illuminates both the uniqueness of France's anti-Muslim backlash and its broader implications for the West.

09 December, 2020

The New Arab Meets: Author Waqas Ahmed, whose new book champions the power of human versatility and explores the importance of cross-discipline expertise in the 21st century.

19 March, 2020

Book Club: Gary Bunt's Hashtag Islam provides readers with cutting edge analysis of how technology influences the dissemination of Islamic thought, mobilisation and networking.

20 February, 2020

Book Club: Abdullah Anas and Tam Hussein's To the Mountains: My Life in Jihad, from Algeria to Afghanistan is a valuable resource in understanding the genesis of jihadism.

17 January, 2020