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Sadek Hamid


Dr Sadek Hamid is an academic who has written widely about British Muslims. He is the author of 'Sufis, Salafis and Islamists: The Contested Ground of British Islamic Activism'.

Book Club: Abdullah Anas and Tam Hussein's To the Mountains: My Life in Jihad, from Algeria to Afghanistan is a valuable resource in understanding the genesis of jihadism.

17 January, 2020

Book Club: My Brother, Muhammad Ali, takes readers behind the scenes of his early childhood, extraordinary fighting career and post boxing life.

18 December, 2019

Comment: Successive generations of migrants have made invaluable contributions to UK society, and continue to do so today, writes Sadek Hamid.

18 December, 2018

Comment: There's a risk that racist pseudoscience could be used to rationalise policies against minorities in the UK, writes Sadek Hamid.

11 December, 2018

Book Club: Dr Sadek Hamid speaks to Professor Akbar Ahmed, author of more than a dozen award-winning books, including the celebrated Discovering Islam: Making Sense of Muslim History and Society.

27 November, 2018

Book Club: Lauren Booth's memoir is a captivating description of her path to Islam, and the public and private challenges she faced along the way, writes Sadek Hamid.

13 November, 2018

Comment: A toxic mix of right-wing politicians, harmful media coverage and widespread inequality is fuelling Islamophobia in Britain and beyond, writes Sadek Hamid.

24 October, 2018

Comment: Piers Morgan should not be allowed to shut down a painful but necessary conversation about Britain's colonial legacy, writes Sadek Hamid.

12 October, 2018

Khabib Nurmagomedov will fight the infamous Conor McGregor on Saturday in Las Vegas.

05 October, 2018

Book Club: Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari's memoir offers a reflection of British Muslim engagement at the highest levels of British public life and should be widely read, writes Sadek Hamid.

26 September, 2018