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Shashi Tharoor


Shashi Tharoor, a former UN under-secretary-general and former Indian Minister of State for External Affairs and Minister of State for Human Resource Development, is an MP for the Indian National Congress.

Comment: The compromises Suu Kyi made with her uniformed political partners and defended so staunchly, have now cost Myanmar its fragile democracy, writes Shashi Tharoor.

12 February, 2021

Comment: The pandemic has given Modi's government the perfect excuse to dispense with the inconvenience of being accountable to the legislature, writes Shashi Tharoor.

21 January, 2021

Comment: Much of India has long celebrated the intermingling of Hindu and Muslim practices, but an Islamophobic, BJP-sponsored law now threatens India's pluralist and liberal democracy, writes Shashi Tharoor.

11 December, 2020

Comment: Covid-19 was an opportunity for UN multilateralism to shine. Instead it reveled the disturbing fragility of the UN's founding principle, writes Shashi Tharoor.

06 October, 2020