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Sarah Shaffi


Sarah Shaffi is a freelance literary journalist and editor. She writes about books for Stylist Magazine online and is books editor at Phoenix Magazine.

Book Club: From across the literary spectrum, Sarah Shaffi picks her favourite reads for you to delve into during the month of Ramadan.

20 April, 2021

#IWD2020: In her book A Woman Like Her, journalist Sanam Maher explores Qandeel's life and death. But what began as a book about one woman turned into something quite different.

06 March, 2020

Book Club: Me and White Supremacy forces those with white privilege to examine their complicity in white supremacy and how they uphold that system.

22 January, 2020

Book Club: Stories about sisters are all the rage these days, and this very relationship is what is explored by Rajia Hassib in her new novel A Pure Heart.

08 January, 2020

Book Club: Fatima Bhutto's New Kings of the World is an astute, informative and addictive look at the globalisation of pop culture.

20 November, 2019

Book Club: Journalist Nesrine Malik takes what considers to be the six most influential myths behind our age of discontent' and aims to understand the origin of each myth.

16 October, 2019

Sameer Rahim's debut novel follows the story of an unlikely couple's first months of marriage.

11 September, 2019

Book Club: My Past is a Foreign Country is a must-read memoir, made all the more so by the vulnerability and honesty with which the author Zeba Talkhani writes.

21 August, 2019

Book Club: Hussein Kesvani explores how Muslims use the internet in his new book, writing about the insightful and revolutionary acts that show the real concerns facing British Muslims.

10 July, 2019

Book Club: The kind of prejudice in This Green and Pleasant Land is largely of the low-key but pernicious sort that many Muslims and people of colour will relate to.

04 July, 2019