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Mel Plant


Book Club: The Book of Cairo is a fantastic exploration of new Egyptian literature and Arab authors in English.

12 June, 2019

The New Arab Meets: Egyptian-American comedian Ramy Youssef, who explains why his latest semi-autobiographical TV series is not just about a 'dictionary definition' representation of all Muslims and Arabs.

28 May, 2019

Amateur online sleuths and professional analysts are, alongside intelligence officials, hard at work trying to pinpoint IS leader Baghdadi's whereabouts based on a new - and rare - propaganda video.

30 April, 2019

For six days, masses of Sudanese protesters have rallied day and night for an end to the regime that has governed them for three decades. They are not stopping now.

12 April, 2019

Mass displacement, death and detention, chemical and barrel bomb attacks, and widespread torture have all characterised the past eight years. What comes next?

15 March, 2019

Book Club: Laila Lalami's The Other Americans is an engaging tale of what it means to be an immigrant, or the daughter of immigrants, in America.

13 March, 2019

After years of systemic discrimination and violence, Sudanese women are now imagining a Sudan without Bashir's regime – a Sudan with social justice and equality.

08 March, 2019