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Giorgio Cafiero


Giorgio Cafiero is the CEO of Gulf State Analytics. Follow him on Twitter: @GiorgioCafiero

Analysis: Many officials in Ankara believe that Turkey holds unique advantages over other states seeking to fill a void in Afghanistan following two decades of US occupation.

20 September, 2021

Analysis: Regional actors with divergent ambitions are paying close attention to Tunisia's political turmoil.

07 September, 2021

Analysis: While it's still unclear how Saudi Arabia and the UAE will respond, Qatar may take on a mediator role.

02 September, 2021

Analysis: As regional governments adjust to the new realities created by the Taliban's return to power, China and Russia are bound to play increasingly important roles.

25 August, 2021

Analysis: Both governments seek to expand and deepen bilateral cooperation, despite many segments of Morocco's population continuing to stand in opposition to normalisation.

17 August, 2021

Analysis: While it is still too early to know the ultimate consequences of Kais Saied's power grab, Italy is the EU country with the highest stakes in Tunisia's political crisis.

09 August, 2021

Analysis: Opposed to democratic development, pluralism, and political Islam in the region, the UAE has long sought to pull Tunisia closer to its orbit of influence.

28 July, 2021

Analysis: Ongoing talks between historical rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia are likely to be boosted by the recent election of 'hardliner' Ebrahim Raisi, whose policy will align closely with that of Ayatollah Khamenei and the IRGC.

25 June, 2021

In-depth: Iran's upcoming presidential election could be a turning point for Iranian domestic policy, but it is unlikely to trigger a significant change in direction on Iranian foreign policy.

14 June, 2021

Analysis: Pro-Israel US Republicans are intent on using the recent conflict in Gaza to scupper diplomatic efforts by the Biden administration to salvage the Iran nuclear deal.

27 May, 2021