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Sophia Akram


Akram is a researcher and communications professional with a special interest in human rights particularly across the Middle East and Asia.

Book Club: From the glamorous to the seemingly mundane, Maliha Abidi's second publication is a fascinating archive and artistic repository of 100 awe-inspiring women of colour, and how they withstood societal pressure to become great in their field.

08 October, 2021

With the narrative having been focused on stereotypical portrayals of people from the region as 'terrorists' or 'illegal immigrants', MENA Arts believes it's time for a shift for appropriate representation.

20 April, 2021

The Office for National Statistics says that understanding the needs of individual communities and identity groups is one of its main focuses for Census 2021.

19 March, 2021

A powerful photo essay by Saiful Huq Omi documents an overwhelming mental health crisis among the displaced population of Rohingya refugees in southeastern Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar.

26 February, 2021

Book Club: Jeff Halper argues that the only way to decolonise Palestine is to dismantle Israeli structures of domination and control and replace them with a single democratic state.

08 January, 2021

Book Club: Through essays, artwork, and photographs, this explosive new book documents the global asylum regime as an industry characterised by profit-making activity.

27 August, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic risks deepening a mental health crisis for traumatised Yazidis in Iraq, who are still recovering from the barbarity of the Islamic State.

08 May, 2020

#IWD2020: Many social enterprises have emerged in Malaysia to help women get livelihoods in a complex policy environment for migrants and refugees, enabling them on their own route to empowerment.

05 March, 2020

A Muslim polymath, known as Ziryab, is said to have shaped many of the lifestyle and cultural traditions of Andalusia in the 9th century.

20 September, 2019

Comment: Trump has emboldened Netanyahu's right-wing agenda. A change of leadership in US politics is needed to make a real difference for Palestinians, writes Sophia Akram.

11 September, 2019