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The New Arab Staff

Othman Lahyani


Al-Araby al-Jadeed correspondent in Algeria

After a change to electoral law in March 2021 which drops demands that female candidates be included on electoral lists, many fear that women's participation in Algerian politics is once more being called into question.

11 June, 2021

Analysis: As President Bouteflika's health deteriorates, the establishment is worried he may not be able to serve the remainder of his term. The former energy minister could be one replacement.

10 May, 2016

Algeria's Abdelaziz Bouteflika travelled to France on Thursday to undergo 'routine medical checks', according to a statement by the president's office, fuelling increasing speculation over the president's ailing health.

04 December, 2015

Analysis: Algerian President Bouteflika is moving to the second phase of his bid to curtail the influence of the military over politics.

06 October, 2015

Analysis: Algeria continues to struggle with unfinished business a decade after the passing of the national reconciliation law, which brought security and stability back to the war-torn country.

29 September, 2015