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Saadia Mufarreh


A Kuwaiti writer, journalist and poet. Her poem collections include 'Mere: A Mirror Lying Back' and 'Lil Mishghul Balfatna'. Her publications include critical writings as well as publications for children. She had won several awards.

Comment: Protests against corruption in Lebanon have revealed a different type of corruption; in the minds of many men, including alleged liberals, when it comes to their views of women.

09 September, 2015

Comment: Alongside developing laws to prevent the sexual harassment of women Arab societies need to develop a culture that stops blaming the victims, writes Saadia Mufarreh.

05 August, 2015

Blog: Journalism has been transformed over the last quarter of a century. However, not all the changes have been positive, and the profession now faces serious challenges, writes Saadiah Mufarreh.

08 May, 2015