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Khaled A. Beydoun


Khaled A. Beydoun is a law professor at the Wayne State University School of Law, and Co-Director of the Damon J. Keith Center for Social Justice in Detroit.

In the pursuit of gold, the world’s biggest athletes, countries and corporations have ignored calls by activists to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics and turned a blind eye to the genocide of Uyghur’s in Xinjiang, writes Khaled A. Beydoun.

03 February, 2022

The recent discovery of two informants within the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) reveals one of the most nefarious dimensions of Islamophobic surveillance in the US: the informant industrial complex, writes Khaled A. Beydoun.

24 December, 2021

Compensating drone strike victims in Afghanistan is about more than money, it is also a demand for Afghan humanity and to recognize the destructive War on Terror lie that Muslim identity, in and of itself, equals terrorism, writes Khaled Beydoun.

05 November, 2021

Opinion: America's role in establishing a war-victim to refugee pipeline in Afghanistan means it has an ethical imperative to absorb and accommodate as many refugees as possible, writes Khaled Beydoun.

02 September, 2021

Comment: Chauvin's conviction would look more like 'progress' if we could be sure it wasn't a one-off, brought about by circumstance, writes Khaled Beydoun.

23 April, 2021

Comment: Once again, a campaign to pin blame on the victim, and more specifically, the Black victim, was the essential first step towards vindicating Chauvin, writes Khaled Beydoun.

16 April, 2021

Comment: The racism and white rage that Trump came to symbolise are deeply entrenched. Biden must commit to ending America's institutionalised apathy towards white supremacy, writes Khaled Beydoun.

19 January, 2021

Comment: From factory workers to Gen-Zers, a range of Arab Americans rooting for Trump show their communities aren't monoliths, and Biden cannot take their votes for granted, writes Khaled Beydoun.

15 October, 2020

Comment: America must choose whether to accept or resist Trump's vision that casts protesters, not violent police, as the country's evil undoing, writes Khaled Beydoun.

31 August, 2020

Comment: American consumers must use the power of the purse to protest the use of Uighur labour in the supply chains of global brands, writes Khaled Beydoun.

21 July, 2020