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Emran Feroz


Emran Feroz is a freelance journalist based in Germany and the founder of Drone Memorial, a website that lists the victims of drone strikes.

Comment: It shouldn't have taken a report into Australian war crimes to foreground the trauma Afghans have been reporting for years, writes Emran Feroz.

03 December, 2020

Austria's new government is pushing for harsh measures against refugees, such as the confiscation of cash and mobile phones, writes Emran Feroz.

29 December, 2017

Interview: None of the violence or dysfunction we are currently witnessing around the world is new and can be repeatedly found in history, Pankaj Mishra told Emran Feroz.

08 December, 2017

In-depth: The return of neo-Nazi parties to the centre stage in Hitler's birthplace should be no surprise, writes Emran Feroz.

09 November, 2017

Interview: When the possible leads only to death and war, we must look for impossible solutions, al-Haj Saleh tells Emraz Feroz.

06 October, 2017

Comment: Unlike in Iraq and Syria, casualties resulting from US airstrikes often go unreported, leaving the victims anonymous, and numbers unknown, writes Emran Feroz.

11 April, 2017