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Amr Salahi

Amr Salahi

Amr Salahi is a New Arab journalist focused on Syrian, Egyptian and Libyan affairs.

Arabs in the UK series: A look back into British Arab history, we find out more about the Moroccan traders of Manchester who managed to win the respect and appreciation of the wider society in which they lived.

10 December, 2021

Arabs in the UK series: In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Syrian traders created a unique multi-confessional community in Manchester. The New Arab delves deeper into the history of the community to find out more about their story.

10 December, 2021

Film Review: Libya's revolutions told through familial eyes, the protagonist quickly learns of his exiled father's role as a freedom fighter or 'stray dog' in deposing Gaddafi, and opens up a labyrinth of revolutionary pasts, and futures.

07 July, 2021

A Syrian refugee in Denmark has entered the eighth day of a hunger strike to protest a new government policy allowing it to place Syrians in prison-like "deportation camps" to pressure them to return to Syria.

25 May, 2021

Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister has spoken out against a 1959 treaty between Egypt and Sudan dividing Nile water, accusing the two downstream countries of ‘monopolizing’ the Nile as negotiations stall.

17 April, 2021

In-depth: A decade after Syria's revolution began, activists say that despite the great sadness they feel for their country, they have no regrets about standing up for freedom and dignity.

15 March, 2021

The daughter-in-law of former Libyan dictator Muammar Al-Qaddafi has escaped arrest in Syria after running over and injuring policemen and bystanders while drunk in Damascus.

26 January, 2021

In-depth: Ten years after the Arab Spring broke out, the hopes of protesters for democracy and social justice have failed to materialize, but activists have learnt lessons since then.

16 December, 2020

In-depth: Videos by rival fans mocking black Zamalek footballer Mahmoud Abdelrazek, commonly known as Shikabala, have highlighted the problem of racism in Egypt.

09 December, 2020

Syrian Americans have been affected by Trump's discriminatory policies and his 'Muslim ban' but many of them fear that a Biden presidency will embolden Iran in its support for Assad.

28 October, 2020