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Nazanine Moshiri

Nazanine Moshiri

Libyans on Saturday woke up to headlines of a coup in Tripoli, which was later described as an attempted coup, and then just a vacating of a government building.

16 October, 2016

In-depth: Lawyers for the Wikileaks founder tell The New Arab they are 'disappointed' with the Swedish court's ruling.

16 September, 2016

Fighters drawn from across the Middle East to join the famed International Brigades failed to stop Franco's march of fascists, which were heavily bolstered by Moroccan troops, writes Nazanine Moshiri.

01 September, 2016

Can the tragic death of a Tunisian man in Tuesday's Istanbul airport militant attacks change attitudes towards the families of Islamic State group recruits, asks Nazanine Moshiri.

01 July, 2016

One year since 38 tourists were shot dead by a lone gunman on the beach, Tunisia's once-buzzing tourism industry is still struggling to recover.

29 June, 2016