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James Brownsell


James Brownsell is Managing Editor of The New Arab. He has reported from London, Qatar, the occupied Palestinian territories, the US, Kenya and Mogadishu. Follow him on Twitter: @jamesbrownsell

Blog: Does Donald Trump want an end to illegal Israeli settlements? Does he condemn anti-Semitism? Does he have the faintest idea of what's going on?

15 February, 2017

Blog: A few of The Donald's thoughts on the six-year civil war and world's most significant humanitarian disaster...

18 January, 2017

Blog: Going overboard to impress reporters is certainly one way to project soft power in the fight against the Islamic State group, but what happens when the group is defeated?

09 December, 2016

Sailors may be a famously superstitious bunch, but the Navy's chaplaincy service attempts to minister to their spiritual development, even during times of warfare, writes James Brownsell.

09 December, 2016

Exclusive access to the USS Dwight D Eisenhower was granted to The New Arab as the ship spearheads the US-led coalition's fight against the Islamic State group.

09 December, 2016

Despite overall cut to cartel's output, Iran will be allowed to increase its oil output by 90,000 barrels per day.

30 November, 2016

Blog: The savoury spread was once touted as the recipe for an end to violence, yet reported shortages are raising blood pressures across the UK.

13 October, 2016

Comment: A fist-fight in the European Parliament leaves a leading anti-immigration politician in hospital, while the UK government steers course towards a profoundly illiberal future for Britain, writes James Brownsell.

06 October, 2016

Steven Woolfe, of Britain's UKIP party, was involved in 'an altercation' at a meeting of fellow MEPs.

06 October, 2016