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Mitchell Plitnick

Mitchell Plitnick


Mitchell Plitnick is a political analyst and writer. He is the former vice president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace and former director of the US Office of B'Tselem.

Opinion: Deborah Lipstadt is a fierce free speech advocate. But with increasing efforts to conflate antisemitism with anti-Zionism, she is likely to play a major role in that debate as well, and her history there is spotty, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

10 August, 2021

Opinion: A recent poll of American Jewish voters shows that many are much more progressive on the issue of Palestine than the politicians who represent them, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

26 July, 2021

Opinion: Prime Minister Bennett knows that Israel's effort to win back Democratic support for Israel is best left up to his counterpart, Yair Lapid, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

01 July, 2021

Opinion: Netanyahu's 12-year tenure was marked by his ability to ride the political waves of right-wing ethno-nationalism, and his political opportunism at home and abroad, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

09 June, 2021

Opinion: With a potential prime minister more right-wing than Netanyahu, Biden may have an even harder time pressing Tel Aviv for change, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

03 June, 2021

Opinion: Recent events in East Jerusalem and Gaza have exposed President Biden's hands-off approach as ineffective and dangerous, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

19 May, 2021

Comment: Impressive support for the bill reflects a growing sense among Democrats that Israel should be treated like any other country, and be accountable to US law, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

19 April, 2021

Comment: A new group seeks to sell Israel to American liberals. But the reality of massive and long-term violations of Palestinian rights will prove difficult to overcome, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

31 March, 2021

Comment: While Biden may prefer someone like Yair Lapid at the helm, his administration is preparing for another Netanyahu-led Israeli government, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

22 March, 2021

Comment: Rep. Gregory Meeks' rightward shift is a worrying sign for Palestine advocates, as Biden's administration waits out elections in Israel and Palestine, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

15 March, 2021