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Mitchell Plitnick

Mitchell Plitnick


Mitchell Plitnick is a political analyst and writer. He is the former vice president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace and former director of the US Office of B'Tselem.

With Sa'ar leading the charge against Netanyahu, it is certain that the Biden administration will face a very hardline Israeli government, whether or not Netanyahu wins again, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

26 December, 2020

Comment: The only remedy to Pompeo’s assault on the rights of American supporters of Palestinians is to fully open the debate, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

25 November, 2020

Comment: Trump is using a highly problematic definition of anti-Semitism to silence rights groups, while right-wing anti-Semitic violence flourishes, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

29 October, 2020

Comment: Despite both candidates attempting to appeal to a broad base of voters, the gulf between their parties was clear for all to see, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

08 October, 2020

Comment: Netanyahu and his right-wing government know full well that states will ultimately act in their own interests, even if it means leaving Palestinians by the wayside, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

11 September, 2020

Comment: Biden's campaign must make space in the Democratic tent for anti-racist and progressive ally, Linda Sarsour, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

26 August, 2020

Comment: A string of defeats for pro-Israel candidates shows that Israeli support is not enough to overcome the progressive wave taking over the Democratic party, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

12 August, 2020

Comment: Progressives must make a concerted effort at real influence in a potential Biden administration, narrowing the space for the Never Trumpers, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

21 July, 2020

Comment: Biden and his adviser Blinken are insisting that Palestinians accept the Israeli view, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

22 May, 2020

Comment: In exchange for remarkably little from Gantz, Netanyahu has secured his future, and the threat of annexation looms clearer, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

23 April, 2020