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Karim Safieddine


Karim Safieddine is a political writer and student living in Lebanon

Hezbollah's pro-poor populist rhetoric has often conflicted with its political strategies and proposed economic policies.

27 May, 2020

In-depth: Most experts agree that resorting once again to the IMF is a non-starter, as it would only prolong the same vicious cycle of austerity in Lebanon, writes Karim Safieddine

24 February, 2020

In-depth: Qasem Soleimani's killing is allowing ruling elites in Lebanon, including Hezbollah and its allies, to shift the conversation away from domestic issues that have triggered anti-government protests since October

13 January, 2020

The arrest of the former member of pro-Israel South Lebanon Army militia and senior warden in the notorious SLA-run Khiyam prison sparked anger towards Lebanese authorities for its 'soft treatment'.

22 September, 2019

In response to the cancellation of Mashrou' Leila's Byblos concert, independent activist groups organised a free gig entitled 'The Sound of Music is Higher'.

10 August, 2019

Palestinian refugees have been taking to the streets against a crackdown by Lebanese authorities on undocumented workers in the country as part of a campaign led by the labour ministry.

19 July, 2019

The New Atheist movement in the US, most notably championed by Sam Harris, has a blatant pro-Israel stance that we need to refute, argues Karim Safieddine.

10 August, 2015