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Ylenia Gostoli


Ylenia Gostoli is a journalist based in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. She has also reported from Greece, the Balkans, Jordan and the UK, with a focus on refugees. She was nominated for Anna Lindh's Mediterranean Journalist Award 2014.

The Covid-19 pandemic has left domestic workers for wealthy Gulf families increasingly vulnerable to ill treatment and abuse.

04 August, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed stark racial inequalities in British society.

10 June, 2020

Israeli police have ended an internal investigation into the death of Yaakub Abu al-Qian, who was shot by a police officer in a Negev village.

19 January, 2018

The 16-year-old will remain in custody until her next court date, a judge ruled on Monday.

15 January, 2018

In-depth: Palestinian protesters angry at Trump's Jerusalem decision tell The New Arab they have little trust in their leadership and Arab allies.

14 December, 2017

In-depth: While Israel is increasing the amount of waste it produces and recycles, it is doing so at the expense of Palestinians, according to a new report.

08 December, 2017

In-depth: The Palestinian leadership will come under increasing pressure as tensions build in the region following Trump's decision to move Washington's embassy to Jerusalem, reports Ylenia Gostoli.

07 December, 2017

In-depth: 'We will tell our children, Jerusalem is ours.'

07 December, 2017

In-depth: Changes to Turkey's marriage laws may only make underage marriage rates - linked to rising illiteracy rates - rise even higher, writes Ylenia Gostoli.

22 November, 2017

Human rights workers detained by Turkey since July have been released on bail by a court in Istanbul after a 12-hour hearing.

26 October, 2017