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Robin Yassin-Kassab


Robin Yassin-Kassab is an author and novelist, specialising in Syrian life and politics.

Comment: The economic and political aftershocks of Brexit will weaken the EU and perhaps eventually lead to its disintegration, making way for the appeasement of Russian aggression, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab

27 June, 2016

Comment: Iraqi appetite for change is alive and well, but voices that don't fit the binary go unheard, obscuring a potential alternative to sectarian politics, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab.

18 May, 2016

Comment: Putin isn't Hitler, but history never repeats itself exactly, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab.

22 March, 2016

Kurdish Syrians saw the 2011 revolution as an opportunity for self-rule and freedom. One dominant Kurdish party and allied militia has replaced Baathist rule with their own brand of totalitarianism.

22 February, 2016

Robin Yassin-Kassab rebuts the claim that Iran is a protector of Shia Arabs, arguing that the Islamic Republic sees them as little more than fodder to advance its interests.

14 February, 2016

Comment: International geopolitics are helping Bashar al-Assad tear the country apart, and it is the Syrian people who continue to suffer, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab.

11 February, 2016