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Othman al-Mukhtar


Analysis: Iranian support was cleared with the US before the offensive against Islamic State group forces in Tikrit began, an official has claimed.

11 March, 2015

Iraqi government says Islamic State group has moved men from Syria to reinforce Tikrit and other areas, which Iraqi forces have been trying to retake for a week.

08 March, 2015

Analysis: As Kurdish militias in Iraq and Syria unite to fight the Islamic State group, rivalries between the Marxist PKK and centrist KDP are coming to the surface.

03 March, 2015

Analysis: Questions remain over who was responsible for shooting at a FlyDubai plane landing in Iraq, after Iraqi security officials blame different armed groups.

28 January, 2015

As Iraqi forces prepare for a winter offensive to regain territory lost to the Islamic State group, the group has reportedly planted crude explosive devices across oil installations in Mosul.

10 December, 2014

US troops are present to support Iraqi forces and will not operate independently of them, say Baghdad officials.

12 November, 2014

As numbers of US military personnel in Iraq increase, an Iraqi official reveals the US will establish five permanent bases in the country.

09 November, 2014

The US team which killed Osama bin Laden is understood to be in Baghdad, on the trail of self-styled 'caliph' Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

07 November, 2014

With sectarian violence causing tragedies across the country, a plan to divide Iraq into regions is gaining traction – despite the reservations of many.

02 September, 2014