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Mohammed Arafat


Mohammed holds a bachelor degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and is preparing for a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies. Author of, "Still Living There," a book documenting Gaza's last war and its aftermath.

With rising rates of unemployment and poverty, the 'demographic threat' of Gaza's population may be more of a hindrance than anything else, writes Mohammed Arafat.

05 April, 2017

While Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas took care to follow the events of Arab Idol, Gazans wondered when will it be their turn to be followed, writes Mohammed Arafat.

03 April, 2017

While Palestinians flirt with the idea of the Palestinian pound, economists warn that the creation of a currency is not to be taken lightly, writes Arafat.

27 March, 2017

Could economic ties between Gaza and Israel pave the way for peace in the Middle East, Arafat asks

23 March, 2017

For those under siege in Gaza, travelling is often limited to the places they discover in books, writes Arafat.

06 March, 2017

As unemployment and poverty rocket in Gaza, mental health issues are becoming more prevalent and manifesting in a horrific way: suicide is on the rise, writes Arafat.

23 February, 2017

Israel’s tight grip is not limited to the Palestinians, critical activists from around the world are deemed ‘security threats’. Arafat speaks to one South African activist denied entry into Israel.

17 February, 2017

Meet the Palestinian barber in Gaza styling hair with fire - could these fiery haircuts be the way forward?

07 February, 2017

Not content with occupying land, Israeli fashion designers are appropriating Palestinian culture as their own, writes Mohammed Arafat

03 February, 2017

Trump's decision to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem has terrifying connotations not just to the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, but to the Arab world at large writes Mohammed Arafat

26 January, 2017