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Emad Moussa


Dr Emad Moussa is a researcher and writer who specialises in the politics and political psychology of Palestine/Israel.

Analysis: The war in May gave a boost to Hamas' political standing, shifted power dynamics with Israel, and created an effective deterrent, but whether these gains can be converted into concrete improvements for Gaza remains to be seen.

23 July, 2021

Book Club: In his latest interdisciplinary, extensively researched book Sectarianism without Sects, Azmi Bishara methodically wades through the phenomenon of sectarianism with a new light, reconceptualising it in the Arab Middle Eastern context.

16 July, 2021

Opinion: After 15 years of blockade and four wars, Emad Mousa returns to Gaza to find it has kept its intimate soul, though not without deep wounds.

15 July, 2021

Analysis: The discovery of natural gas in Gaza once promised economic and energy independence. But as with every other aspect of Palestine's development, its potential was shackled by Israeli restraints.

26 May, 2021

Opinion: Recent Israeli aggression has resulted in a wave of national bonding that has united a fragmented Palestinian people, writes Emad Moussa.

24 May, 2021

Analysis: Palestinian political renewal is crucial to creating a unified national strategy to face Israel's occupation. Cancelling the elections effectively means maintaining the status quo.

20 May, 2021

Comment: As long as Israel continues to occupy and oppress Palestinians, the memory of the Nakba will continue to regenerate and re-emphasise itself, writes Emad Moussa.

14 May, 2021

Comment: Without the EU or any kind of substantial opposition, Tory pro-Israel policy has been allowed to run wild, and it's the Palestinians who will pay, writes Emad Moussa.

24 April, 2021

In-depth: Deeply intertwined with the history of the Palestinian struggle, the UN agency has faced defunding and political delegitimisation in a bid to deprive refugees of their rights.

20 April, 2021

Comment: With Barghouti and thousands of other Palestinians behind bars, imprisonment has become a defining part of the Palestinian national consciousness, writes Emad Moussa.

15 April, 2021