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Emad Moussa


Dr Emad Moussa is a researcher and writer who specialises in the politics and political psychology of Palestine/Israel.

Analysis: Created during the Oslo Accords to aid Palestinian state-building, critics say PA security forces are effectively a subcontractor of Israel's military occupation.

14 October, 2021

Opinion: The latest escalations by Israel is proof that conflict is not incidental or circumstantial to Zionism; it is integral to its logic and necessary for its functioning, writes Emad Moussa.

13 October, 2021

Listening to PA president Mahmoud Abbas' "laughable" speech at the UN, one could not help but reminisce about Yasser Arafat, writes Emad Moussa.

07 October, 2021

Analysis: While Israel's new government was billed as an anti-Netanyahu alliance, Bennett is set to maintain the status quo in Gaza.

09 September, 2021

Opinion: While Palestine and Israel face similar risks when it comes to climate change, the Israeli occupation means that Palestinians will suffer much more severely, writes Emad Moussa.

02 September, 2021

Analysis: While legal proceedings may be long and political obstacles remain, an ICC probe could nonetheless represent a step towards justice for Palestinians.

24 August, 2021

Opinion: Leaders such as Ariel Sharon have repressed Gaza by keeping it under siege and severed from the overall Palestinian collective, both geographically and administratively, writes Emad Moussa.

16 August, 2021

Analysis: Israel uses home demolitions not only as a punitive measure but also as a means to systematically dispossess and displace the Palestinian population.

11 August, 2021

Opinion: The generational gap in Palestine is stark, and the Camp David-era leaders are failing the post-Oslo generation and the Palestinian cause, writes Emad Moussa.

27 July, 2021

Analysis: The war in May gave a boost to Hamas' political standing, shifted power dynamics with Israel, and created an effective deterrent, but whether these gains can be converted into concrete improvements for Gaza remains to be seen.

23 July, 2021