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Emad Moussa

Emad Moussa


Dr Emad Moussa is a researcher and writer who specialises in the politics and political psychology of Palestine/Israel.

Analysis: Seeking to maintain its Jewish demographic needs over Palestinians, Israel has already welcomed thousands of Ukrainian Jews with many more expected.

28 March, 2022

An indispensable force in the drive for liberation, Palestinian women's contribution to the political and social resistance against Israel's occupation is ever-present. Yet, pervading ideas about masculinity in Palestine have hampered their efforts.

24 March, 2022

Jared Kushner’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination comes despite a history of US far-right support, normalisation with Israel and suspicious ties with Russian oligarchs. His political portfolio contradicts the very notion of ‘peace’, writes Emad Moussa.

22 March, 2022

Facebook’s exception to its hate speech policy against Russia shows that Big Tech increasingly takes an active stance in conflicts. But the right to call for resistance against an occupier is a privilege rarely given to others, writes Emad Moussa.

17 March, 2022

Analysis: Given shared strategic interests with Russia, Israel has maintained a passive stance on Ukraine despite mounting pressure by Western allies. As the conflict escalates, Tel Aviv finds itself stuck in a political minefield.

09 March, 2022

The double-standard in Western support for Ukrainian armed resistance, compared to the vilification of armed struggle across the non-Western world, especially Palestine, sends a clear message: Only "we" are allowed to fight back, writes Emad Moussa.

04 March, 2022

28 years on since the Hebron massacre, Palestinians see its legacy lives on, taken up not only by a marginal, isolated group of Israeli extremists but as the driving ethos underpinning most of Israel's political parties, writes Emad Moussa.

26 February, 2022

Analysis: Israel's controversial citizenship law has been reinvigorated and reintroduced in the Knesset, adding to a number of laws that explicitly discriminate by ethnicity to restrict the rights of Palestinians in Israel.

22 February, 2022

In Israel, cybersecurity and surveillance are deemed integral to the survival of the state. But now that the Pegasus software has been deployed against Israeli citizens, questions about intrusiveness are finally emerging, writes Emad Moussa.

11 February, 2022

Continuing their efforts to criminalise Palestinian activism in the UK, the Conservative Party's latest diatribe has been a threat to ban Palestinian chants, claiming that they are pro-Hamas. But what is the true history of Palestinian chants?

11 February, 2022