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Khalid Al-Karimi


Khalid Al-Karimi is a freelance reporter and translator. He is a staff member of the Sana'a-based Yemeni Media Center and previously worked as a full-time editor and reporter for the Yemen Times newspaper.

Since 2016, Sanaa International Airport has remained largely closed for passenger flights, offering only a reduced service for humanitarian aid and essential goods. With new plans to reopen Yemen's largest airport, Yemenis can dream of normalcy.

17 June, 2021

Analysis: Hadi may not be able to return to Aden, even if he wanted to, reports Khalid al-Karimi.

14 March, 2018

Analysis: As Yemen's situation continues to deteriorate, there is little hope that any peace proposal can save it, writes Khalid Al-Karimi

07 March, 2018

Yemen has entered its eighth year of stalemate and chaos. Here is a reflection on the series of events since 2011 would explain what happened and when.

03 March, 2018

As the war in Yemen continues, the UN's new envoy for the country faces many challenges, but is being welcomed by the leadership of main parties to the brutal conflict.

20 February, 2018

Health fears go up in smoke amid risk of death through war or disease, reports Khalid al-Karimi.

14 February, 2018

Analysis: Politicians and warlords have the stamina to continue the war indefinitely, but the people of Yemen are paying the price, writes Khalid al-Karimi.

02 February, 2018

In-depth: A huge cash injection and a new budget are signs of promise in the war-torn country, but old divisions threaten to undermine any progress towards normality, reports Khalid al-Karimi.

24 January, 2018

The riyal devaluation has been on the rise over the last three years, while civilian's ordeal has been swelling uncontrollably. Now, Yemen needs to save its currency and people simultaneously.

19 January, 2018

The void late former president Ali Saleh has left in the GPC remains unfilled. So is the political party capable of surviving without him or is an absolute eclipse inevitable?

04 January, 2018