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Eldar Mamedov


Eldar Mamedov is a political adviser for the Social-Democratic Group in the European Parliament.

Comment: France, UK and Germany are undermining US efforts to reinstate the Iran nuclear deal. If this impasse is not resolved soon, it will collapse for good, writes Eldar Mamedov.

02 March, 2021

Comment: The EU's double standard when it comes to 'friendly authoritarians' like Sisi undermines its credibility and weakens the promotion of human rights worldwide, writes Eldar Mamedov.

24 December, 2020

Comment: The EU should use its leverage to extract concessions from Arab autocrats on the most egregious forms of repression, writes Eldar Mamedov.

09 April, 2019

Comment: The UAE positions itself as a successful model of a Muslim society in the 21st century, but Abu Dhabi is hiding a much less glamorous side, writes Eldar Mamedov.

22 February, 2019

Comment: The only credible way for Saudi Arabia to engage the EU is to work with the entire spectrum of European opinion, including critics, writes Eldar Mamedov.

28 December, 2018

Comment: By launching their own unilateral proposals without consensus in the EU, the France-Germany-UK bloc has undermined European unity, writes Eldar Mamedov

30 April, 2018