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Nazli Tarzi


An integral and symbolic part of Mosul's architecture, al-Nuri's hunchback minaret had towered over the city until its destruction in 2017. With UNESCO-reconstruction plans threatening to remove key features, Iraqis fear cultural white-washing.

25 May, 2021

Nazli Tarzi interviews the next generation of female Iraqi sports stars, their arduous journeys towards recognition, and the future of sport for women in Iraq.

17 April, 2021

Analysis: Mustafa al-Kadhimi is seeking to appease Iraq's protest movement by promising early elections, but politically astute Iraqis recognise that cosmetic reforms and sloganeering serve the ruling cartel.

09 March, 2021

Almost two decades after the US-led invasion of Iraq, promises of representation and empowerment for women have all but fallen flat.

08 March, 2021

Engineering a space to deep dive into Arabic history, Afikra is a movement of curious people keen to host lectures, debates, interviews and more recently, Covid-19 friendly digital gatherings.

25 February, 2021

As Britain sank into lockdown in 2020, the Thin Edge of the Wedge podcast was born, covering a wide gamut of global subjects and fascinating conversations with experts and scholars.

16 February, 2021

Mosul tells the gruelling story of the Nineveh SWAT team's battle against the Islamic State, but overlooks civilian testimonies and the sacrifices of ordinary people.

30 December, 2020

The youth-led initiative 'Green Iraq' is planting thousands of trees across the country to transform sprawling cities and deserts.

20 November, 2020

A mother's shocking crime has sparked an outpouring of anguish in Iraq, but also shows society's poor understanding of mental health issues and domestic violence.

04 November, 2020

A new generation of digital conservationists are using cutting edge virtual reality technology to revive war-damaged cultural heritage sites.

28 August, 2020