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Richard Silverstein


Richard Silverstein writes the Tikun Olam blog and is a freelance journalist specializing in exposing secrets of the Israeli national security state. He campaigns against opacity and the negative impact of Israeli military censorship.

Opinion: Israel's alleged use of AI in its assassination program against Iranian nuclear scientists may have enamoured its admirers, but offers no long-term benefit and plenty of moral and legal danger, writes Richard Silverstein.  

29 September, 2021

Comment: Anti-Semites like Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon, and Islamophobes like Frank Gaffney will eventually cause the Trump administration to implode, writes Richard Silverstein

23 November, 2016

Comment: Richard Silverstein asks: Why did the Israeli army censor try to hide a story that is a half century old?

24 October, 2016

Comment: As information comes to light concerning Israel's nuclear arsenal, the US's refusal to concede such weapons exist appears ever more hypocritical, writes Richard Silverstein

14 October, 2016