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Usman Butt


Usman Butt is multimedia television researcher, filmmaker and writer based in London. Usman read International Relations and Arabic Language at the University of Westminster and completed a Master of Arts in Palestine Studies at the University of Exeter.

Book Club: In an enlightening examination of religions, Mehmet Karabela's Islamic Thought Through Protestant Eyes elaborates how, in the aftermath of the Protestant Reformation, Islam became a key theological concern in Western Europe.

15 December, 2021

In a comprehensive examination of Islamic theology in Turkey, Phillip Dorroll's book looks at how Islam has been able to thrive within an ostensibly secular system, and how Turkey's inherent contradictions make it an interesting comparative study.

10 November, 2021

Veering away from traditional conceptualisations of what constitutes Persian culture, Mana Kia's latest book looks at how ambiguous, often fluid and varied networks combined to shape 'Persian-ness' and how this shifts our understanding of identity.

27 October, 2021

Book Club: Using contemporary Turkey as a paradigm to discuss how gender politics has been co-opted by neoliberalism, The Politics of the Female Body in Contemporary Turkey is a success in shifting the gender debate from cultural specificity.

02 September, 2021

Deep-diving into the social intricacies of the Abbasid Caliphate, Philip Wood's latest book profiles Dionysius of Tel-Mahre, whose adoption of the authoritative title "Imam" within Christianity has revealed interesting, alternative multiplicities.

25 August, 2021

One of the great myths perpetuated by European colonisation was that the Islamic World was homogenous. In Justin K. Stearn's latest text, he counters this myth vicariously through Morocco's interaction with the natural sciences in the 17th century.

18 August, 2021

Book Club: In an ambitious attempt to revisit the West's manufacturing of Islamic history, author Thomas Bauer sets out to prove Islam's heterogeneity and why the West has intentionally moulded its conception of Islam as a singular entity.

14 July, 2021

Book Club: Egemen Bezci delves deep into the lesser-known intelligence pact between Turkey, the US and the UK during the Cold War, showing how Ankara's diplomatic pragmatism allowed it to protect its national interests.

27 May, 2021

Book Club: With tales of opulence and extravagance from Cairo's high society, Raphael Cormack's book paints a nuanced and defiant picture of the city's female stars.

05 May, 2021

Book Club: Delving into the private collection of Libyan investor AbdulMagid Breish, the new book chronicles the hope, despair and blended subjectivities of contemporary and classical Arab art.

23 April, 2021