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Usman Butt


Usman Butt is multimedia television researcher, filmmaker and writer based in London. Usman read International Relations and Arabic Language at the University of Westminster and completed a Master of Arts in Palestine Studies at the University of Exeter.

Book Club: Egemen Bezci delves deep into the lesser-known intelligence pact between Turkey, the US and the UK during the Cold War, showing how Ankara's diplomatic pragmatism allowed it to protect its national interests.

27 May, 2021

Book Club: With tales of opulence and extravagance from Cairo's high society, Raphael Cormack's book paints a nuanced and defiant picture of the city's female stars.

05 May, 2021

Book Club: Delving into the private collection of Libyan investor AbdulMagid Breish, the new book chronicles the hope, despair and blended subjectivities of contemporary and classical Arab art.

23 April, 2021

Book Club: Ahmet Seyhun's Competing Ideologies in the Late Ottoman Empire and Early Turkish Republic tackles the topics of Islamism, liberalism, nationalism, positivism and cosmopolitanism.

03 March, 2021

Book Club: George Archer's thought-provoking study traces the conceptual history and philosophy of the afterlife in Islam.

24 July, 2020

Book Club: Seeing the jihadi project as another form of universalism is the audacious argument by Darryl Li in his new book The Universal Enemy.

11 March, 2020

Book Club: Reclaiming Home: The struggle for socially just housing, land and property rights in Syria, Iraq and Libya, offers insights into how property loss impacts those in conflict.

20 February, 2020

Comment: Foreign YouTubers with thousands of subscribers are presenting sanitized view of a country still reeling from a devastating war, writes Usman Butt.

18 February, 2020

Book Club: Slavery & Islam aims to understand the history of enslavement in Islamic traditions and Muslim societies.

15 October, 2019

Book Club: Zahra Ayubi explores this tension within Islamic philosophy and ethics in her new book Gendered Morality.

04 September, 2019