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Sayed Jalal Shajjan

Jalal Shajjan

Sayed Jalal Shajjan is a freelance journalist based in Kabul. He is covering post-conflict development and counter-terrorism operations

Analysis: Two decades of fighting and exile have seen the Taliban adapt both politically and diplomatically, but governance will be the insurgent group's real test.

26 August, 2021

In-depth: Once used as a slogan of resistance to Soviet occupation, Afghans are reclaiming ‘Allahu Akbar’ as a rallying cry against the Taliban and in support of security forces and volunteer militias.

10 August, 2021

Analysis: The future of the Afghan government looks bleak after the US military withdrawal, with the Taliban sensing victory.

19 April, 2021

As Ghani secures a second term as president and as a date is set for a US-Taliban deal, could this be the end to four decades of bloodshed in Afghanistan?

26 February, 2020