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Sam Hamad

Sam Hamad


Sam Hamad is a writer and History PhD student at the University of Glasgow, focusing on totalitarian ideologies.

Thawing relations between Turkey and UAE is yet another victory for UAE's vision of a regional entente composed of powerful and brutal states at the expense of the powerless and oppressed, writes Sam Hamad.

01 December, 2021

Bashar Assad's removal of Grand Mufti Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun is a means for the regime to ideologically surveille and shape Syrian Sunnism as a means to ensure an uprising never happens again, writes Sam Hamad.

24 November, 2021

The normalisation of Assad, whether tacitly or openly approved by the US, simply means more death and suffering for Syrians, writes Sam Hamad.

17 November, 2021

Despite his many brutal crimes, Rifaat al-Assad's return to Syria via European complicity is another example that we do not live in an age of accountability, writes Sam Hamad.

18 October, 2021

Opinion: The Biden administration's partial hold on aid to Egypt amounts to little more than a coded means for the US-Egyptian special relationship to continue, despite human rights violations, writes Sam Hamad.

17 September, 2021

Opinion: As we observe the consequences of a long-awaited US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Sam Hamad considers how a similar US policy might play out in Syria.

07 September, 2021

Opinion: 'Liberated' Daraa was spared the typical brutality that had been visited upon other rebel-held areas, but that may be about to change, writes Sam Hamad.

11 August, 2021

Opinion: The boycotts and demonstrations that have found their way into sports continue to cause controversy. But as long as political struggle remains necessary, it will rear its head in sport, writes Sam Hamad.

03 August, 2021

Opinion: While the prisoners' release is welcome news, the Biden administration must keep up the pressure on the Sisi regime and its continuing human rights abuses, writes Sam Hamad.

25 July, 2021

Opinion: The impunity the Sisi regime has enjoyed since it took power has only incentivised its murderous, extra-judicial practices. No wonder reconciliation is not on the table, writes Sam Hamad.

02 July, 2021