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Tahir Hussain Sofi

Hussain Sofi

Tahir Hussain Sofi is a freelance journalist who switches from Kashmir to New Delhi

As India descends into further chaos, the lack of oxygen and adequate healthcare provisions have elevated doctors to the status of 'demi-gods'. Yet, the end is far from sight.

07 May, 2021

In-depth: Trump's visit to India is billed as historic, but it's likely more about optics and theatre for domestic consumption rather than grand strategy, writes Tahir Hussain Sofi.

23 February, 2020

Following New Delhi's move stripping Kashmir of its semi-autonomous status, it imposed a curfew and a communication blackout on the Himalayan region, leaving Kashmiris outside worried for their out-of-reach families.

07 August, 2019

Could India and Pakistan come together this Ramadan over the famous rose-flavoured sherbet?

14 May, 2019