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Mat Nashed


Mat Nashed is a journalist specialising in issues of Middle East migration.

Comment: By dealing with a militia state, the EU is now at the mercy of war lords who run the country, writes Mat Nashed.

09 March, 2018

Comment: Sending Afghans back to a country where they risk persecution or death violates international and EU law, writes Mat Nashed.

08 January, 2018

Comment: If the EU is truly committed to saving lives, then it's time to replace a policy of deterrence with state sponsored rescue missions, writes Mat Nashed.

30 August, 2017

In-depth: Turkey has taken in more Syrian refugees than any other country, but its sealing of borders has led to danger for people fleeing 'safe zones', reports Mat Nashed.

17 August, 2017

Comment: By reducing channels for legal migration, Europe is contributing to a dire situation for child refugees. Like any European child, they have the right to protection, writes Mat Nashed.

01 May, 2017

Comment: George W Bush is attempting to reinvent himself with a collection of paintings focused on servicemen and women whose lives were torn apart by his wars, writes Mat Nashed.

13 March, 2017

Comment: While the EU warns its own citizens against travelling to Libya, they see no problem in returning refugees to the war zone, writes Mat Nashed.

22 February, 2017

In-depth: Hardline nationalists threatened the Armenian-Turkish journalist, but it is supporters of Fethullah Gulen's movement now on trial, reports Mat Nashed.

30 January, 2017

Comment: Robert Fisk's analysis of the conflict in Syria - and more recently the attack in Istanbul, lacks nuance and is morally misguided, writes Mat Nashed.

09 January, 2017

In-depth: Some residents of the Bab al-Tabbaneh district in Tripoli, Lebanon, have been reminded of the horrors of their past, after seeing images of death from Aleppo, writes Mat Nashed

27 December, 2016