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Joe Macaron


Joe Macaron is a Middle East Analyst at the Arab Center Washington DC. Twitter handle: @macaronjoe

Analysis: The Biden administration, Iran, and Hezbollah are engaged in a public power struggle as they offer superficial solutions to Lebanon's energy crisis.

01 September, 2021

Comment: As Israel and Lebanon begin landmark maritime border talks, Joe Macaron takes an in-depth look at the players and issues involved in these high stakes negotiations.

15 October, 2020

Comment: While Amer Fakhoury has been freed from detention, the ramifications of his case are far from over in Lebanon, writes Joe Macaron.

17 April, 2020

Comment: Hizballah have finally endorsed direct negotiations to settle the border dispute with Israel, potentially allowing for much needed gas exploration for Lebanon, writes Joe Macaron.

11 June, 2019

Comment: When it comes to Trump's foreign policy and Lebanon, much of it will hinge on how US relations with Saudi Arabia and Iran will evolve, writes Joe Macaron

23 November, 2016

Comment: The White House is walking a tightrope in northern Syria, as it makes chaotic attempts to balance relations with both Ankara and Kurdish forces, writes Joe Macaron

01 September, 2016

Comment: Despite domestic deals over policy and platforms, Clinton must broaden her appeal to win over both left-leaning Democrats and independents, writes Joe Macaron.

28 July, 2016

Comment: As American influence in Iraq dwindles and Iranian influence grows, Abadi finds himself a prisoner of his ruling coalition, and reform is as elusive as ever, writes Joe Macaron

07 July, 2016

US President Barack Obama agreed to a Russian military deployment in Syria on the condition that it be limited to fighting the Islamic State group, a senior American official said.

30 September, 2015