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Diana Alghoul is a British-Palestinian journalist at The New Arab who is mainly involved in news and feature writing. Her main areas of focus are the Palestine-Israel conflict, women's rights, culture, Muslims in the Western world and food.

The Al-Qaeda affiliated group has called on the government to 'repent to Allah' for administering the vaccine.

31 March, 2021

The Al-Qaeda affiliated group Al-Shabab has called on the government to 'repent to Allah' for administering the vaccine.

31 March, 2021

Nigel Adams, the UK's Minister for Asia, has been mocked on social media for replying to a parliamentarian's question about Kashmir with a statement about Myanmar.

05 February, 2021

As Palestinians prepare to vote in their first elections in 15 years, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar warned Israel not to interfere.

05 February, 2021

Palestinians are mourning Ghassan Younes, a man who used to travel to Jerusalem five days a week to feed cats, after he died of coronavirus

20 January, 2021

Book Club: In Hijab and Red Lipstick, Yousra Imran alchemises her trauma into a semi-autobiographical novel that was hard to put down.

22 December, 2020

Kuwaitis forced an American international school to apologise after a teacher 'broke local morals' and gave her students a map that includes Israel.

11 December, 2020

The Detroit Arab Workers strike won a very important battle in the United Auto Workers divesting from Israeli partners and left a legacy in the war against racism and injustice.

29 November, 2020

Hijabi model Halima Aden announced quitting the runway after she decided she no longer wants to be pressured into compromising her Islamic values.

25 November, 2020

A Russia-backed refugee conference hosted by Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad has been condemned by activists.

11 November, 2020